1. Harvey Glatman Harvey Glatman was an American serial executioner. He displayed his withdrawn conduct and sadomasochistic sexual propensities from an early age. Media immediately nicknamed him “The Lonely Hearts Killer. Glatman began when he moved to Los Angeles, where he acted like an expert picture taker to bait young ladies into his lodging room with the guarantee of work. He tied them up, shot them, in the end murdered and dumped their bodies in the betray. 2. Robert Ben Rhoades This photo was taken by serial executioner Robert Ben Rhoades. 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters was one of the various ladies held in a 18-wheeler furnished with a dungeon in the back. The photograph was taken in a deserted Illinois stable, where Rhoades executed Walters, in the wake of removing her hair and making her wear a dark dress and foot sole areas. 3. Robert Andrew Berdella Jerry Howell, Bob Berdella’s casualty Robert Andrew Berdella was an American serial executioner from Kansas City, Missouri. He assaulted, tormented and murdered no less than six men. Berdella was aware of his homosexuality, in 1984 he began dating Jerry Howell, an attractive 19-year-old male whore. On July fifth, 1984, Berdella welcomed Howell to his home, where he tranquilized him with narcotics for creatures and immobilized by restricting him to a bed. In the next hours he over and again assaults his casualty, composes deliberately about the procedure into his journal and takes a few pictures to remember his dream later. This was the start of torment and murder binge. Robert Sheldon, casualty of Robert A. Berdella One year from now, 18-year-old Robert Sheldon, who was a companion of Berdella’s, came to remain with him for a couple of days and got himself medicated and held hostage in the cellar simply like Howell before him. He was killed following 3 days of torment by suffocation. Todd Stoops, casualty of Robert A. Berdella 21-year-old Todd Stoops was kidnaped on the grounds that Berdella felt sexually disappointed at him. The torment he persevered before his demise included electric stuns by means of a spatula put over the eyelid in an unsuccessful endeavor to dazzle him. Stoops kicked the bucket in a mix of blood misfortune and disease. Chris Bryson, Last casualty of Robert A. Berdella In March 1988, 2 years subsequent to executing Todd Stoops, Berdella kidnapped his last casualty, a whore named Chris Bryson. He place him in his storm cellar like the others had been before him. While Berdella was grinding away, Bryson figured out how to break free and rushed to a neighbor’s home, wearing only a canine neckline around his neck. His terrible cell was uncovered alongside the polaroids and stays of his casualties. 4. Rodney Alcala The crime analysts discovered many photos of unidentified ladies in a capacity locker having a place with Rodney Alcala – a sentenced attacker and serial executioner. The man could be behind upwards of 130 killings. Since just a modest bunch of womrn recognized themselves as having postured for the photos, it’s profoundly likely that a portion of the captured were killed.

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